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Well he only went and did it! Class 5 BAS champion 2019, massive congratulations to Colin Thorndyke of Omex dealers and expert mappers Atspeed Racing. high pressure pump and ecu would be needed as it would for a Omex 600 on 182 engine Get the clio specific loom - it uses standard injectors, coil pack, vvt actuator. OMEX Throttle Body Kit And ECU For Ford Zetec 1. ME221 Standalone Fuel Injection ECU, Ford Zetec Plug and Play Pack. Omex 710 ECU Engine Ignition and Fuel Management. 8/2. When it comes to modifying your vehicle for more power, eventually the time will come when you will need to tune your cars computer to match all of the modifications that you have added since the car was stock. 5 years. At the same time, the 2-litre Zetec was rebuilt by Dunnell at a cost of £7,000 and there is a full build sheet with the car. Ever faithful Omex Technology ecu looking after things. 6 Zetec S/SE/Sigma engine (non VCTi variable valve timing version) provides an easy and reliable high power upgrade from the original equipment intake system. Fully mappable 3 dimensional engine management and ignition systems, including sensors, wiring harnesses, throttle bodies, and many other associated items. you will need some kind of aftermarket management even on the low-boost install. Has done < 20 track days and has d Andy came round about 12ish, swapped the pins over on the omex plug for the coil pack, new earth and ignition live to the omex too. Details about Omex Shift Light Sequential LED gear change limit LED gear change limit pro performance. This Tach Out signal provides a 12V pulse for every ignition event. 8 Zetecs from a Fiesta or Escort which are easier to fit but of course 200cc smaller and we can't have that. 8 2. 0 Zetec with new clutch and flywheel (the 170 bhp model cost 3445 Pounds). 00. Available to download is the Omex MAP3000 and DATA2000 software which allows user configuration and view logged data. Water temp sensor you have to drill the thermostat and fit a new one for the omex - so that your standard ecu can still see the water temp from the old one. We have just developed a Silver Top Zetec engine using this same Omex kit and the dyno figures have shown 228 BHP and 197 FTLB torque and the redline is 8100 rpm. Just a quick bit of video of the 230bhp Zetec shortly after first start. Starter motor - I thought was the same, but might be wrong! Engine mounts get these from Tiger. 45MM OMEX THROTTLE BODIES IN BLACK; OMEX 600 ENGINE MANAGEMENT ECU; STANDARD 5 DEGREE INLET MANIFOLD; 4x 45MM TRUMPETS  Ford Fiesta & Focus Zetec Rev Limiter With Launch Control Omex Coil Pack System. Add an Omex ECU to that and you'll be seeing way over 165bhp and you'll have the induction noise to die for! Many tachometers can accept the signal emitted from the Tach Out on the MJLJ module. Thanks, I was undecided as to which ECU to use but having met Mr OMEX at the Exeter show I think I will go with an Omex, he thought getting the standard manifold in on a Striker would be difficult so may have to swap sides on the Alternator as well! I think getting the engine in will be a priority so I can measure up. We have a great deal of experience with supercharged and turbo charged engines/applications of which all have shown excellent reliability after their re-maps. 2. No Tax, Each . Even in North America, a nation famed for its love of the petrol engine is starting to come around to the benefits of turbo diesel passenger cars in particular. Ford Fiesta mk5 Zetec S omex rev limiter. I intend to upgrade next year to Jenveys but will be starting with a plenum single standard TB and standrd injection. However it’s now powered by a 2. 0 uses the Zetec-E which was developed in partnership with Mazda, and Mazda have their own very similar engine. For Sale Nistune and SR20 ECU with loom. I'm planning on a brand new crate Zetec, raceline sump, 1. 00 inc vat. Performance figures are based on the 2000cc engine, however, the kits also apply to 1600cc and 1800cc engines. 0 Mondeo Zetec block and why: The 2. You can get them for around £500 I think. Builders of the MEV Rocket have the choice of purchasing new parts or using a complete donor car to obtain the majority of parts not included in the kit. Builders of the MEV Sonic 7 have the choice of purchasing new parts or using a complete donor car to obtain the majority of parts not included in the kit. This is an ITB kit using AT Power Billet Direct-To-Head throttle bodies including air horns, linkage, fuel rail, 3D printed extensions on the Oval throttle bodies, and being direct to head the manifold is part of the assembly – which is the correct port sizing for the ST170 (larger than a normal Zetec). Ford Zetec Silvertop ▻ Zetec Focus Blacktop ▻ Zetec S/SE/Sigma 1. Saturday, 24 October 2015 Omex ECU on plate under scuttle Omex Engine Loom Electromotive tecM ECU Plug and Play ECU for BMW E36 street and race cars to control high performance naturally aspirated and boost feed engines. 0 L Zetec inline-four from a 2003 Ford Focus upgraded with Jenvy throttle bodies and Omex ECU. It was coined to replace "Zeta" on a range of 1. 0 Engine Build Follow the build of my 2. 8 flywheel, Jenveys and Emerald ECU (Localish mapping and good quality ECU) this I'm hoping to mate direct to my existing Type9 and bellhousing. 0 Zetec, Kent Cams, ZX6r Bike carbs, megajolt Tiger GTA - 1600 4AGE, Twin Webers, OMEX ECU The car is always garaged and covered and, whilst with our vendor, has only been used on the road in the dry. 0L (silvertop) Throttle Body Kit It offers a simplified way of putting together all of the required parts from one supplier at a fixed cost Winning Championships is a combination of performance and reliability. 0 Increase power and flow with a Milltek Decat Milltek Sport Ford Fiesta Zetec S EcoBoost 1. The 130bhp 1. Yes, you can set it to whatever you like, but you can't rev higher than the limit set in the ecu, I guarantee it. Mechanical spec is a 2. Discover the range of high performance ECUs, rev limiters and throttle bodies from Omex Technology at Demon Tweeks. Whether you are looking to gain in-debt knowledge of EFI by building a full featured ECU on your own, or simply want to save money building a proven reliable kit, from MegaSquirt origins the DIY spirit is available in partial and complete kits. Omex Technology - 3 Mackenzie Way, Manor Road, GL51 9TX Cheltenham, Gloucestershire - Rated 4. 0 Zetec with Omex ECU but the powdercoat finish can probably be seen from Mars. We had a boost problem last time, which Ross has now sorted along with upgra ding to larger injectors. 6/1. The engines are all hot run on a test rig, the cams run-in, throttle bodies balanced and emissions pre-set where applicable. OmexPower engines are turnkey engine packages that include all mechanical parts and electronics. 00 OMEX 200 Series ECU Engine Ignition Management System. Measure the diameter of your crank pulley. 1. I can pick one up and walk around with it no probs, which I can't with my XE, but I really think you should get a 20v 4AG. aim-sportline. I have a 1. 0ltr Zetec engine (black top). So the engine fires up and runs, but spits and pops a lot at idle. Jenvey Dynamics design, develop and manufacture fuel injection (EFI) throttle bodies (ITB) and induction systems for all levels of motorsport from road going sports cars, kit cars and track day vehicles to World Superbike, S2000 spec Rally cars and World and British touring cars. (1800cc Ford Zetec Focus engines also available). Contributed By: Enginebasics. 0 zetec-E engine for Wetfields etc with the standard induction but can supply just the ECU for 1. 8 Fiesta or Escort Zetec if you use a 2. 9 Mar 2017 Ford 2. Power gains are similar to carbs, but without the rough running and high emission levels when properly set-up. Nissanboi, Sep 15, 2019. 0 litre engine will develop 180 horse power and with relatively minor modifications performance figures in excess of 200 horse power are easily achievable. 0l (Focus) Throttle Body Kit This comprehensive kit for the Ford Zetec engine provides an easy and reliable high power upgrade to Omex Engine Management and Throttle Bodies. The ME221 is the latest engine management system from Motorsport Electronics and available from us here at danST Engineering. I think Omex 710 ECU Engine Ignition and Fuel Management . This page is provided to hopefully enable you to get your Zetec engine running sufficiently well to be able to drive the car to a rolling road for a full mapping session. OMEM150 and OMEM550 Re: Sleepers Zetec Sleeper by Sleeper » Tue May 16, 2017 8:55 pm I agree,firstly I picked up a Morgan alloy bell-housing but wasn't sure about its strength with the steering rack cut-out,and after seeing a picture of one on the web decided that was the way to gono costly does-it/doesn't it fit starter motors,just the standard Blacktop 1. The Omex 600 series ECU is designed to live up to the high demands of modern competitive motorsport. A range of microprocessor controlled over-rev limiters; A range of shift lights; A Speed System combining over-rev limiter and shift light DUNNELL ZETEC - Ford Zetec 1. The chassis and body were rebuilt in 2010 by Cottage Classics and there is a full photographic record of this. Will be used in zetec turbo form. The original Ford Fiesta Zetec S ECU map settings are stored in the Bluefin handset, allowing for an easy reset to the standard settings if required. Having the same bell-housing bolt pattern means that they are compatible with existing Zetec - Ignition and Injection Maps. FOR THE FORD FOCUS ZETEC BLACK TOP 1. Stand-alone Vs Piggyback ECU Set-ups . 0L et boite de vitesse Ford MT75 ----- Detailed build diary of a kit car Dax Rush with a Ford Zetec 2. 8 ci) or 1897 cc (115. If the ECU is an older model, it is recommended that the ECU be only used for the type of engine it is already programmed for. Zetec into Mk3 Escort Swap it For performance on a budget, the Zetec Omex 600 Management ECU & assembled loom, air & water temperature sensors, Air filter 150bhp Kit £1235. 6, 1. Oh and he won both heats too. A complete general wiring loom for Westfield Zetec engine installations. 0 16v. 0 Zetec if you do it. Cost: £300 Stage 3: Later engines have limits in the inlet, which needs converting back to cable rather than fly-by-wire using the earlier plenum and 54 mm throttle body — a kit including pedals is available from BPJ. info@atpowerthrottles. We can map Emerald ECU's on our rolling road in Somerset. Rod bolt Kit Ford Zetec 1. It offers a simplified way of putting together all of the required parts from one supplier at a fixed cost with one reliable source of technical backup. I bought the narrowband lambda sensor and the corresponding plug from Omex (about £60 I think). Price: £654. 77 English diff within a powdercoated rear axle, New front and halfshaft bearings NMS - Norris MotorSport are renowned engine tuning, performance upgrades and ECU remapping specialists for Ford Cosworth & Mitsubishi Evo's, AEM & OMEX Management, based in Alfreton, Derbyshire. A range of microprocessor controlled over-rev limiters; A range of shift lights; A Speed System combining over-rev limiter and shift light Omex. I personally feel that putting a 1. All our dealers receive thorough initial training, and then receive ongoing support and technical development to ensure that every aspect of your remap is Zetec water rails might look nice but completely cock up what was a very well considered cooling system, at the very least you need to drill a 3/16" circulation hole in the thermostat which should have remained at the back of the engine where it belongs. ps it would be nice if it was made a sticky. The bits that you need to get hold of from a 1. I didn't use this initially but like you needed to install for mapping. Ford Focus  OMEX 200 Series ECU Engine Management System For Mapping Ignition Control ECU COMPLETE KIT FOR FORD FOCUS ZETEC BLACK TOP 1. This benefits best from an ECU swap to Omex OC Motorsport Ford Specialists is a company based in the South East of England in Battlesbridge Essex that carry out servicing, repairs and modifications to all makes and models of vehicles Its a shame to loose it but I crave a little more power/torque and the Zetec seems to be the best/cheapest option. It did about 20 minutes of running in tonight and will have about another hour tomorrow before we start mapping top line to see what she will do. Words Jon Hill. Ford Zetec. He is at the stage of looking at ECUs He has been advised by the tuner to go for the Megasquirt 3 ECU over the OMEX ecu. com Ford Sigma/Zetec SE 38mm. Biggest expense isn't even the kit really it'll be the ECU a blank omex one is under a k just then you need a thorough mapping sesh About KIT 17b - ECU & Engine Loom ME FORD Zetec The ME engine management system we find is better than Omex or DTA as it has more outputs allowing for the cold start on the engine, which the basic S40 DTA lacks (The DTA s60 does have more outputs but is more expensive). emerald m3d i bought this for a kit car project but never got round to fitting it. Our injection ECU will run any four, six or eight cylinder engine with semi-sequential injection and mappable ignition timing. Release 1. Type 9 gearbox has the same bolt pattern and will bolt to the Zetec I bought the lightweight flywheel drilled to accept the pinto clutch, so no need to buy a new clutch. We can map OMEX ECU's on our rolling road in Somerset. This provides a fully closed loop system with exhaust gas recirculation that allows the engine to meet stringent emissions levels whilst providing a reasonable amount of power. 0 16v Kit Contents:-. Welcome to my blog, detailing my journey to build a 2. 1 zetec turbo,pectel t2,gt28,area six bits,live need to find wiring diagram omex 600 ecu putting omex ecu on ford zetec engine with griifin plenum chamber the - Cars & Trucks question In Europe companies such as Omex and Weber Alpha make ignition and fuel and ignition for distributerless applications. We can also supply throttle boddies, ECU, Sumps, Water Systems and small alernator kits, exhausts to suit this engine. . Have checked all wiring, sensor and signals. im selling my 2. So I am looking around for a map. Cheers John The 16-valve Ford Zetec 2. 0 litre Engine. Zetec throttle body upgrade kit. i sent him my ecu and specs and he fitted a nistune board and put a base map on it for me which worked a treat. 6 L to 2. OMEM150 and OMEM550 - Able to interface directly with Ford 36-1 or Bosch (Vauxhall) 60-2 teeth flywheel pattern (e. 8 & 2. Hi as title selling my Weber dcoe twin 40s, Zetec manifold, omex200 ecu, coil pack, leads, loom, Weber TPS and throttle linkage has new misab washer kit, on car still can be heard running carbs could do with a service but sound sweet. The fully mappable OMEM600 Omex ECU allows changes to be made to the engine’s fuelling and ignition should the engine be further modified. Have rebuilt an engine for my zetec xtreme, but cannot get it started. 4-2-1 manifold, New fully rebuilt 3. i have been looking at megajolt/omex etc and dont know which are easiest to Zetec ECU's which one? Reply I believe the lead for the Dash 2 to Omex and Megasquirt is around £150 and they along with Emerald wont transfer readings such as oil pressure or oil temperature. V0. Omex can Westfield use the Omex 600 ECU as standard fitment for their Zetec 2. By merely fitting a Premier Power Induction Kit the 2. I used to sell these and normally found it much better to junk the Ford ECU unless going EU emissions compliance. Photo Chris Wallbank. e. TTS are proud to announce its new supercharger kit to fit on the ford 2. How each ECU set-up works and functions along with pro's and con's. Do not worry if your ECU manufacturer is not listed above, as long as you have access to the relievant software and interface lead it will not be an issue. Will add 20-40hp depending on other modifications. 0 Zetec engine. The Omex ECU is not seeing the CPS signal. The ST170 has Variable Cam Timing, which is NOT the same as MG Rover's much more advanced Variable Valve Control. Ross Brown’s very cool Rwd Zetec turbo powered fiesta. We have experience in mapping the following ECU's: This list is not exhaustive, but covers the main ECU's we see and map regularly. For a price (around £3000) they will supply a brand new Zetec with 150bhp using the standard Ford intake or 170bhp on Jenvey throttle bodies (more like £4000). The sun is out and so are the Westfield brigade. The buggy is available Factory Built or self build with brand new FORD engine, and comes registered on a brand new number plate. 8 litre Zetec makes about 115bhp in standard trim. There are no sensors but these are generic type sensors anyway so could be picked up cheap from scrap yards. The Zetec and Duratecengines comes from the factory with most of the hardware needed to run the Megajolt, making this a particularly easy installation. Crankshaft trigger Inlet manifold - straight Omex (inc o-rings). i was given steves number by a friend and gave him a call a week or so later. This proven combination allows the car to meet MOT emission standards despite unleashing incredible performance. * Long - for fitment of our ECU inside cab. They are just so far away to help you if you have problems, so I would prefere to buy local, as I'm sure quite a few other people in North America would as these Zetec and Duratec motors catch on for kit cars and the like. 1 zetec turbo wossner forged pistons pec steel rods with arp bolts tubular manifold rover inlet manifold fse power boost valve custom downpipe stainless exhaust bosch 044 fuel pump omex 600 managment and omex loom Hej på er, Jag lägger mina egna insugsplaner på is ett tag och köpte OMEX egna spjällhus i paket med OMEX600 ECU och färdig Zetec kabelstam. com. TECH / Engine Management could take up a whole page to discuss! The car is always garaged and covered and, whilst with our vendor, has only been used on the road in the dry. 7 is simply not worth doing the swap to the 1600 zetec s, as the performance is not much greater. 0 zetec in a budget race that Im building, to race in the mag sevens series limited to 152bhp Hi, Im being held up on the finish of my build by a few last parts and gues what theyre expensive ones! Is there a cheap option to get me going. The ECU is connected to the hardware with a complete, DR25 Raychem heatshrunk race specification wiring harness, which is fully tagged and with the correct connections made for your Zetec engine, ensuring easy clip-on fitment. A 2000-2007 Ford Focus is the preferred donor vehicle and can be found all over the US at low prices. All engines are hot-run tested before leaving Omex to ensure the engine is fully working and where applicable, emissions compliant. Focus 1600 Zetec Rally Car. Omex 600 ECU - Able to interface directly with Ford 36-1 or Bosch (Vauxhall) 60-2 teeth flywheel pattern (e. It’s supplied fully assembled and features a pair of Jenvey 45mm throttle bodies, pre-fitted and balanced, OMEX ECU system, linkage, trumpets, fuel rail, throttle position sensor, air and water temperature sensors, hoses, clips and requisite wiring loom. The main part that i am struggling with is the wiring and ECU, if possible i would like to not use the wiring and ECU from the mondeo as it has a lot more wires and connectors than i need for my basic fez, and i am worried of finding adjusting it all too confusing. OMEX Throttle Body Kit And ECU For The Ford Zetec 1. We built this car from a new shell from Ford into a 1600 Zetec 2wd Clubman rally car for a local customer. Its no harder than making a loom for a MS ecu. Get Content Here Mbe ecu for sale C20let C20xe Aatra Nova Cavalier Turbo Calibra Omex EbmStandalone Jenvey Mbe Ecu: 500 £ | MBE Ecu And Loom Zetec E Escort Fiesta Kit Car: 490 OMEX Throttle Body Kit And ECU For The Ford Zetec 1. However, Westfield sell cars and kits, with Zetec engines, with Omex throttle bodies and ecu’s, these are ready mapped for these installations, so don’t need * to be rolling road Hello and from me,i have an zetec 2. Säljes OMEX ECU Plug and Play med komplett kablage inklusive kontakter till Zetec Silver top. advertised on our web site, it can be reprogrammed, costs from £90 per unit. 0 Zetec in for poor running diagnosis and mapping on its Omex 600 ECU. 6L 8mm (45mmUHL) Tweet Share Google+ Pinterest Reference: ARP151-6003. Omex Technology, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Well it's true that the 4AG is light as a light thing. The Mk1 Focus 2. 1 zetec turbo escort rs turbo the car has just been resprayed in ford radient red costing £1800 spec is as follows 2. Ford Zetec or Vauxhall 2L 16V) - alternatively Omex's 36-1 teeth crank wheel can be fitted to most engines, - The OMEM500 Fuel and Ignition system also offers semi-sequential fuel injection. It comes with an early Omex 500 series ecu called a V3 and all relevent parts to make it run LESS SENSORS I need these. 6 S SE Sigma Engines . Official F2/SSCA Zetec ECU ONLY Omex 200 Series ECU - mapped and sealed as used by BriSCA F2 and Saloon Stock Cars (Wiring Harness How to give your 105E 16-valve power. #2 Re: Raceline water rail, Zetec engine and overheating. Comes with software CD, Data Lead, Connector with a couple of feet of loom and also another wrapped and labelled loom that I was going to use that should have most the connectors etc you will need. com. While the cam belt was off I also changed the water pump seal as this is located behind the cam belt. There is no mapping and the ecu can be had for a few quid. IIRC the 710 series ECU from OMEX might be able to run VCT - but you will have to ask Omex. I did hear of some experience of the Omex 710 ECU which is not a lot more expensive. OC Motorsport Ford Specialists is a company based in the South East of England in Battlesbridge Essex that carry out servicing, repairs and modifications to all makes and models of vehicles Typically, you would have used a Zetec Kit which meant the ports on the inlet manifold didn’t match and the ECU couldn’t fully control the VVT. There are some good deals to be had on the Jenvey/Omex package, I found an Irish supplier willing to geive a 20% discount but it was still to much for me d This product is a Direct-to-Head set of throttle bodies which are port matched to suit the Ford Duratec 2. On the modified Zetec engine there is a water rail which contains the thermostat and next to it is a tapping for the water temperature gauge, and another one for the ECU temperature sensor. This Westfield was powered by a Ford Zetec engine using Weber Carburettors and a the Weber Alpha ignition setup. was fitted but never run engine still in start up so never programmed comes either disc computer cable and manual. Powered by an Atspeed built and mapped engine controlled by our Omex 600 Series ECU, Colin pretty much destroyed the opposition this year. via Superchips, or ECU re-programming with DreamScience gives around 8-10 bhp. 6 Zetec Engine built by Omex Power. , since these parts just render your "new" ECU program obsolete and useless (ie. They’re built on a jig and run before shipment. Ford focusinstrumenthus st 170 2 0 zetec ford ngd 2 0 zetec mondeo ac delete 2 0 zetec 20161213 122252 jpg complete engine pre overhaul mark thomas s website 2 0 zetec e 1969 g ford cortina mk2 gt 2 door 0 zetec 150bhp aqua jade file 2000 ford mondeo 2 0 zetec estate 14180490168 jpg. Or 2) Swap the engine for an Omex 2. 35 inc. Inlet manifold, throttle bodies, fuel rail, With optional extra parts the Omex 600 ECU is capable of much more than simply running the engine; Vince depending on what age / car its from there maybe some issues with using a standard ecu. First of all this is a blacktop into a mk2 fiesta. The Zetec engine was designed to use fuel injection with the Ford plenum chamber arrangement. People have been known to mount a distributor on the end of the head or on a pulley driven Manta remote system over the exhaust. Click the button below to add the Omex 200 Mappable Ignition System to your wish list. 8 Zetec ~180 bhp Kit Car For Sale, £13000 Westfield Year 2000; 17k miles I have owned the car 5. 7 Zetec SE or known as the sigma engine designed by Yamaha not to be confused with either the Zetec E or the Duratec 2. Omex throttle body/management kit, Ford Zetec E 1. On top of this, there’s a smaller capacity Zetec - described elsewhere - plus, late Zetecs were made to look like the latest Duratecs. Various power outputs are available for Zetec ECU's which one? Reply Got a Omex 600 I think on my 2. Poly vee belt/pulley etc, oil cooler, How to fit a Zetec into an SS1. For sale I have a Trust Electrical sourced EFI system for a 1. We are dealers for many of these, so can supply the ECU if required. A decent omex ecu would be the 710. It is intended for Honda's VTEC engine which simply switches on/off at the configured point. 1 Zetec-E here Capacities and variants The base spec 1. 8 ci) inline-four. OMEX offer several packages for the Rocket (and several Rockets have there hardware and software installed) and their engine bay wiring loom/ECU really is plug and play. This comprehensive throttle body kit designed for the Ford 1. Omex offer a range of engine management kits for current popular engines including. Omex. The BEAST Zetec Road is one of our latest buggies as see on TV, "Dare Devil" Strippers Cars for cash", "Gadget Show" and more. From simple rev limiters and shift lights to full engine management ECUs for V12 racecars. 0 litre formats, and all share a common design. 0+ ecu Omex 600 150hp Standartní sání,výfuk bez koncového tlumiče. The puma's VCT needs a PWM signal. OMEX Ford Zetec 1. 0 blacktop engines. Zetec black top throttle body kit when using the standard ford plenum chamber with westfield Omex 600 ecu, convert to throttle bodies with this kit, including re flash cd for the omex 600. Thanks chaps, Ed PM replied _____ Tiger Cat E1 - 2. 0 Zetec with BDA look alike cam cover conversion fitted with raceline cams, raceline direct to head throttle bodies, OMEX ecu, full Retro-Ford conversion kit inc the sump, 4 branch exhaust manifold etc etc …Gives very drivable/ usable power. Unfortunately all that was installed on the ECU was the WORKMAP. g. Now watch this video of Colin Thorndike of Atspeed Racing absolutely destroying the opposition in the class 5 final at the Evesham Autograss club this Sunday using his 'old and slow' Omex 600 ECU. The OMEX 600 cannot drive the VCT used on the puma. £575 posted Walbro 255lph intank fuel pump (think it's on a civic bracket etc) £40 posted DIY ENGINE KIT. 0 or bigger. Includes Jenvey throttle bodies including injectors and fuel pressure regulator, new Raceline water rail and cast wet sump, high output two wire alternator with aluminium brackets, standard flywheel and clutch, DIS ignition coil pack with ignition leads and spark plugs and pre-calibrated Omex 600 ECU with race spec wiring harness with all sensors included. After months of development work with Omex Technology we can now offer this kit that incorporates the all singing all dancing 710 series ECU. Omex 600 ECU (Ignition and Fuel Control) Semi-sequential fuel injection for up to 4 cylinder engines Distributorless or distributor ignition for up to 4 cylinders Programmable load and speed sites TPS or MAP can be used for main load sensing Wide range of crank trigger patterns are suitable (user programmable) Turbo wastegate control Welcome to Emerald! We are the creators and manufacturers of aftermarket standalone K6 ECU (Engine Control Unit) or EMS (Engine Management System) with over 17 years of experience in automotive electronics, engine management and calibration as a company. 0 silver top -05/98 OMEK001R. A-Z of Tuning / yb / zetec e & se / Y Is For YB Cosworth Words: Stewart Sanderson Bad points: It doesn’t really have any truly bad points as standard or even when tuned to 300-plus bhp. Many see the modern crop of Turbocharged diesels as the future of road car's chip tuning. MBE, DTA, OMEX and most other aftermarket ECUs using in-house Bosch 550BHP Turnkey Turbo/supercharged Ford Zetec engine packages available. 6L 8mm (45mmUHL) Omex 710 ECU Engine Omex is a lot of money! Looking at £800 for all the bits for the 200 system. limiters will be designed and supplied by OMEX Technologies (supplier of the current Zetec ECU). If you want to get, for example, your Zetec/XE/Duratec etc on Webers/DGAS/Bike Carbs up and running, making excellent power using a pre-loaded map developed by us, with minimal wiring fuss (just click on the connectors to your factory crank sensor and coil pack), then the NODIZ Pro is for you – you can be up and running in minutes… I made a custom loom for my ITB'd Track car on an OMEX 600 ECU! Cant quite remember the price but i recon it cost me under 100 quid to make. First, you will need to take a few measurements. 8 - 2. Unfollow omex 600 zetec to stop getting updates on your eBay feed. A pair Weber carburetors work with K&N air filters to manage the fuel mixture, and an Omex 200-series ECU lends a modern touch. The delivery price to UK mainland which can vary on location, so we may contact you if there is an issue with the calculated price. Which wiring loom are you using for your Omex 600? The one I bought from Omex with my 600 ECU and TB kit for my Zetec, had a flylead already wired in for the lambda sensor. Hope this helps any one wanting to run a zetec without spending shed loads. They do a turnkey 2. Definitely go 2. 0 serie (Zetec or Duratec) The first idea seems to be easier but it cost a lot of money comparing to a new Omex 2. 4 based on 22 Reviews "Absolutely outstanding service and Omex 600 is a fairly basic ecu, MS2 is more sophisitcated and MS3 even more so. OMEX 500 zetec Maps Hi guys, I have recently acquired an omex 500 ecu to run my 2. DTAFast. 0L and MT75 gearbox MegaSquirt is the premier Do-It-Yourself EFI controller. Carrying nearly the latest technology in standalone engine management, the tecM is built to fit into stock ODB1 E36 ECU's, allowing factory wiring to remain. 149. VAT As 120bhp kit plus pair SS4 reprofiled camshafts and shims, set of heavy duty big end bolts With Throttle Bodies Throttle bodies work on the same principal as carbs, with an air intake for each cylinder, but are controlled by the ECU and fuel is supplied through electronic injectors as with the Zetec’s conventional EFi system. 5” stainless exhaust inc. 00 Taxed, Each £2,142. PRELOOMED/PREMAPPED NODIZ ZETEC SYSTEM. Replies: 4 Views: 388. We are pleased to now to be offering the ME221 Wire-In ECU with direct fit ‘Plug and Play’ looms for the Ford Zetec & ST170 engines. I find the omex software, map 3000 a lot less user friendly than the MS tunerstudio, the customer support is brilliant though. Performance Tuning has become a big industry over the last 15 years and with our in house developers we are most definitely at the forefront of the industry for Engine Tuning and ECU Remaps. Aerocoat's 'Shocker Yellow' sits over a chrome base and matching Team Dynamics Pro-Race 1. 3 litre Duratec engines are strong, lightweight aluminium powerplants. VW 16v Direct to head 45mm. Ford Zetec - Induction. £ . Air horns were off as it was just a start up, she's now got 40mm length ones on and we'll try 40, 60 and 80mm. Supercharging My Zetec S. A full range of accessories is also available such as sensors, coil packs shift lights, idle control motors, injectors and throttle bodies. The fully mappable OMEM600 Omex ECU allows changes to be made to the engine’s fuelling and ignition should the engine be further modified We have run a fully forged big valve head Silver Top Zetec engine using this same Omex kit and the dyno figures have shown 228 BHP and 197 FTLB torque and the redline is 8100 rpm. ECU Technical documentation. 0 L Zetec is only fitted to the Mondeo, this is a bummer as quite a few bits are different between that and the 1. Ford Zetec S/SE Engine tuning guide taken from an article originally published by performance Ford Magazine. it will run OK on the standard ecu, but it will be running very lean, drink fuel, and slowly kill the engines innards. VAT As above plus pair SS2 reprofiled camshafts and shims 170bhp Kit £1329. The complete systems is less than the omex ECU! Red STYLUS 2lt zetec 231bhp Bailey Performance supercharger installs include a Megasquirt programmable ECU working in partnership with an Innovate LC-1 wide band closed loop control. after extensive cad design and testing we are pleased to be able to offer these high quality kits available for fitment of the Rotrex C30 range of supercharger for both front engine and mid engine applications. View Details. A semi assembled wiring loom with plug to suit the Omex 600 series ECU is available for bespoke or DIY applications. DTAfast designs and manufactures engine management systems for spark ignition engines intended for use in competition vehicles. well thats where Bailey Performance come in with a Megasquirt ECU install and of  11 Dec 2017 o Rev. Takes the power of the car from the standard 150bhp to just over 170bhp, with headroom for more tuning la A full range of ECU's , wiring looms and sensors are available from us. On Friday Omex ECUs were described online by some one as 'old and slow' (whatever that actually means). £96. Westfield use the Omex 600 ECU as standard fitment for their Zetec 2. Most of this information I have gleaned from various other sites on the internet, and tried to remove the references to FWD installations where possible! This is by no means an exhaustive "how to" guide, but gives you an insight into a few of the things to note. This kit is ideal for road, track or rally use. o Rev. Injection ECU Features • Fuel injection control for up to 8 cylinders • Wasted spark ignition for up to 8 cylinders Description. Cabrio, Omex 2. 0 16v Engines. any power gains from the chip are eliminated). all you need is a pump and regulater after 900 for the setup o Dave M wanted something truly special for his Rocket II. 0L Blacktop Zetec on Jenvey throttle bodies,Omex ECU,lowered floors,sports turbo seats,FW front classic back, long range tank,locking boot box and bonnet,contour dash, tall screen and tool bar,heater,3” harnessing,big brakes,grooved discs,lsd,catch tank,wide track,8j rims,Momo quick release,3700 miles and a master class in build quality with Dyno printouts of 181 bhp (track/road i dont think you can compare omex with megasquirt as omex is a proper motorsport ecu and megasquirt isnt _____ 2. Usually on a modern engine the existing crankshaft and other sensors can be reused. Share Thread. I have the ecu, loom, instructions and disks. [Edited on 26/3/13 by big_wasa] Omex have throttle bodies, plus ecu’s etc and have kits with everything from just the ITB, to everything needed for the install, including wiring loom and ecu. and two variations of Coil setup: * Coil pack. Includes 4 throttle bodies, linkage, fuel rails and 4 trumpets. #apracingengines #westfieldmapping #omex600 ST170 Powered mk2 Escort mapped on DTA s60 Full cam control and the usual goodies in this rapid road rally car. All our systems are easily mapped and are very competitively priced. Quantum Tuning has a database of over 50,000 unique files supplying a network of approximately 1000 dealers the world over – we are the largest ECU remapping and chip tuning dealer group. ZETEC-R Focus FORD FOCUS ZETEC 2000cc ENGINE Injected Engine Specs ‐ BLACK 2000cc Zetec 2000cc Zetec 2000cc Zetec 2000cc Zetec 2000cc Zetec 2000cc Zetec Carburettor Engine Specs ‐ RED 160bhp Carb 190bhp Carb 230bhp Carb 170bhp Injec 200bhp Injec 250bhp Injec 2009 fiesta zetec s 1600. Ref: RTROMEX600. Zetec Engine built by Omex Power. 545. 6 S SE This makes it ideal for XE or Zetec engines. The systems are designed to be fitted to almost any engine. You may use this to provide the signal to compatible tachometers, or to provide a signal to a separate Engine Control Unit, data logger, or other device which requires this signal. Simple installation and set up allows professional race teams to easily configure the engine parameters to fully maximise the performance of the car. Ford Motor Company used the Zetec name on a variety of inline 4-cylinder automobile engines. So my ECU is located on the inside the firewall below my Mk1 Clio Dash! You can literly not see any of the wires in the engine bay! Measure twice, cut once!!! Just in: 2. omex/retroford throttle body kit zetec-straight shot "24 degree" inlet-omex 600 ecu and loom zetec rwd wet sump zetec water manifold zetec rwd flywheel spigot bearing standard pinto clutch zetec alternator kit - black top zetec exhaust manifold, stainless steel zetec coil pack bracket zetec long ignition leads-black top alternator for zetec First, don't chip too early There is no point in getting a new ECU program early in your engine build up and then later upgrading to bigger lift and duration cams, or larger injectors, bigger fuel pump, or an aftermarket IM/bigger bore TB , etc. Why? Ford Focus Zetec ITB throttle body kit. limiters must be fitted such that  Renowned engine builders and specialists in ECU remapping for Cosworth, CVH , Zetec & Mitsubishi Evo all our own engines in house and offer management conversions to systems such as AEM Infinity, OMEX and Cosworth Management. 04 (Including VAT at 20%) The OMEM600 Engine Management System is a high performance I have been looking on the Omex site. 0 Increase power and 2 Ltr Ford Zetec 16v 150bhp New Lighter 16v flywheel fitted Omex ECU with Loom & Control 5 Speed Gearbox Disc Brakes cfront and rear Quick Turn steering rack Ideal for both road and track Alloy radiator Alloy fuel tank Team Dynamics Motorsport Wheels Stainless Steel Exhaust System OMEX 600 ECU for 1. 2's finish the look of this amazing car Compte-rendu détaillé de la construction d'un DAX Rush avec moteur Ford Zetec 2. They feature AT Power’s lightweight precision machined billet parts, along with our unique patented ‘shaftless’ technology and knife edged butterflies which offer improved airflow and performance. £. Our ECU Remap software is the result of our extensive development programmes which ensures optimum performance and reliability. 8 zetec. E48 ECU Connector and Pins. Engine. Omex said they would pre-load a map that was a iterration between the standard Zetec map and the custom map for an engine with RL200 cams and a ported head. 0 Litre Engines. With me attempting to use the standard Zetec/Mondeo ECU and equipment to reduce costs the question came up in conversation with Warren, my Zetec guru, about using the idle bypass valve with the single throttle body and a plenum chamber. management options are: Megasquirt (this involves making up a custom loom) Unichip with boost module dreamscience Omex and many more No technical skills are required to fit Superchips' Bluefin ECU remap, customers can plug the Bluefin handset into the Ford Fiesta's OBDII diagnostic port and follow on-screen instructions. Ford Focus Zetec billet individual throttle body kit ITBs quantity no, non, OBX, Omega, OMEX, Opel a proper motorsport ECU and modern drive by wire unit a toyota 4-age supercharger from Raw supercharge the silvertop engine for 220 bhp with no internal changes This kit is designed for use with Omex 600, (or other Second hand Drift parts for sale. Omex ECUs are perfectly suited to the Ford Zetec engine. With a user friendly interface, setting a customised engine map has never been easier. Omex 600 ecu mapped by MEC Cheltenham (maps for Omex on their own projects) full Omex built loom Zetec coil pack kit car fuse board Race fuel tank external Facet red top lift pump EFI 255lph fuel pump alloy swirl pot 20v blacktop engine Dizzy removed and blanked Techno toy tuning water line kit Alloy trumpets Ashley exhaust manifold custom 83db (all painted in Satin Plastikote) Type 9 gearbox with Quaife shift, ‘BDA style’ rocker cover, New Weber 45’s with braided fuel lines, Omex ECU, New painted copper radiator, Kenlowe fan, Full 2. 4,453 likes · 46 talking about this · 52 were here. Listen to her sing. #dtas60 #apracingengines #mk2escort # Chertsey - Car Club Ltd is an authorised Quantum Tuning Dealer in Chertsey for Chip Tuning, ECU Remapping, DPF Solution, Diesel Remap, Engine Tuning and Performance Remapping The Duratec is a range of four, five, and six-cylinder petrol engines produced by the Ford Motor Company, used in Ford, Mazda, Aston Martin, Volvo, Caterham, Morgan, Tiger, Ginetta cars and by specialist engine tuner Cosworth. P8 PRO Connector and Pins. I think Omex were the best shout out of all mentioned. Founder of Emerald M3D Ltd is Dave Walker, well known in the UK for his many articles and features in various motorsport publications and Raw’s range of ford zetec engines and upgrades produced in conjunction with OMEX have been developed to be solutions that are truly ‘turn-key’. This car ran the 1600 Zetec engine on Jenvey throttle bodies and Omex engine management, along with heavy duty suspension and all other components to comply with competition regulations. 0L (Focus) ensuring easy clip-on fitment, optimum performance and absolute reliability. The name Zetec is pretty confusing because it’s now used by Ford as a badge on the back to describe a level of trim. Swapping a Zetec into an Anglia doesn’t have to be expensive. DIY ENGINE KIT. I'm going to phone Omex, and discuss the application with them. Ford Zetec 1. 0 and 2. * Coil on plug (4 separate coils)(K6 ECU only). 0 black top 05/98- This comprehensive kit for the Ford Zetec 1. 6 ▻  For over a decade Omex Technology Systems Limited have been designing, manufacturing and supplying quality electronic units mainly to the fast road and  OMEK002R Omex throttle body/management kit, Ford Zetec E 1. 5L Direct to head. 1) Omex Throttle bodies, Kent cams, Vernier pulleys, 600 ecu and remap. Their info is a very useful reference and has loads of dimensions to help plan your fit. 0 Milltek Decat Ford Fiesta Eco Boost 1. What I don’t understand is in the latest variant of the 1. 86 with 850cc sard injectors and a z32 afm. 0L engine provides an  Omex ECU, ignition only 4 cylinder OMEM200. 0L Zetec based Westfield SEIW. Then tried to connect the laptop upto the ECU, still wasnt connectong for some reason, we tried everything, then went to maplin to get a serial to serial cable and took the car battery, omex and my spare loom in the house to try and link it all to my computer and MK2 Cortina Zetec/Duratec. I'll be using an omex 600 ecu Do I need a separate loom? Where do the 3 wires that would go to the coil on a cvh go on a zetec conversion? What do I do with the wires that on a cvh are for the dizzy plug? I know I must seem stupid but thats because I am. Link ECU design & manufacture engine control units that are available worldwide. Milltek Sport Ford Fiesta Zetec S EcoBoost 1. 0 16v Silvertop Engines ADV It is ready built, allowing the user to simply plug on to the engine components, making a quick and neat installation. ECU module. You’ll also need to measure your crank bolt, and the length of the new bolt you will need, as well as how long a spacer it will take and how much room there is The slant six has a somewhat unusual crank pulley in that it doesn’t have a bolt in the center to hold the crank pulley in place; instead Call us on 01953 857800 or order online for your Direct to Head Throttle Bodies from AT Power. Related: standalone ecu emerald ecu dta ecu megasquirt jenvey omex ecu zetec mbe ecu megasquirt ecu omex 600 motec ecu omex 710 programmable ecu Refine more Format Pin 27 (black/yellow) ecu plug -- starter motor relay control (switched earth). Ser och känns bra ut. 0l blacktop engine with jenvey throttle bodies,i have an omex 600 with ready built wiring harnesses,i calibration the ecu but not fire ignition 1 and 2,i have signal from crank position sensor,i check the coil pack,i have and fuel,everything working except from ignition 1 and 2,Please i want your help on this problem!!!! 0 results for omex 600 zetec Save omex 600 zetec to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Ford Zetec – SF Taper throttle body kit. Ford – Zetec, Duratec and Sigma 2Peugeot – MI16 GM / Vauxhall – LS3 single throttle & C20XE. Variable Cam Timing advances the cam timing using oil pressure, in turn controlled by the ECU. Includes Jenvey throttle bodies including injectors and fuel pressure regulator, new Raceline water rail and cast wet sump, modified Cylinder Head, high output two wire alternator with aluminium brackets, standard flywheel and clutch, DIS coil pack with ignition leads and spark plugs, uprated cam and pre-calibrated Omex 600 ECU with race spec wiring harness Designed for top level motorsport, the Omex 710 series ECU offers the same ease of use as the 600 Series unit with further features for more demanding race engines. But it involves a lot of engineering and its far simpler to make use of the existing parts. Skip navigation Ford Fiesta Zetec S, Vauxhall corsa SRi and Saxo VTS Review Part 1 - Duration: 6:00. The unit includes an external ultra bright 10mm LED shift light complete with bezel for dashboard mounting whilst the rev limit features Omex soft cut technology with an operating range of 3,000 RPM to 20,000 RPM for 2 cylinder and 4 cylinder, 12,000 RPM for 6 cylinder and 10,000 for 8 cylinder engines. 0L (silvertop) Throttle Body Kit Ford Zetec 1. Click the button below to add the Omex 200 Loom Kit to your wish list. Megasquirt is a reprogrammable DIY ECU (Engine Control Unit) which is a great tool if you want to learn about engine control systems, you can buy in Kit form and assemble yourself, all instructions are available in the online Manuals as you are aware if you modify your Engine by fitting high compression pistons, wild cams, multiple throttle Track & Race Cars Magazine, Issue 67. The ECU, wiring harness and sensors are kept with each engine build throughout assembly and testing work, ensuring that the → Zetec → Induction and Fuelling → Ignition and ECU → Zetec install kits - Throttle body kits RETROFORD ZETEC -5 DEGREE INLET- OMEX 600 THROTTLE BODY FULL KIT (PRE MAPPED) (Z027OMEX_600_STD) 45MM OMEX THROTTLE BODIES IN BLACK zetec 48mm throttle body kit straight shot manifold with 600 ecu (z027omex_600_ss_48) full zetec to omex wiring loom with relays (this has been designed for ease Ford 2 0 Zetec. We are a leading manufacturer of Automotive So, Zetec enging + Raceline water rail + new thermostat requires a 5mm hole in the edge to work. 9 final drive with Paddle clutch Custom gaz shocks, Corner weighted Custom adjustable rose jointed lower arms Hispec 4 pot calipers with floating discs and Aero brake omex/retroford throttle body kit zetec-straight shot "24 degree" inlet-omex 600 ecu and loom zetec rwd wet sump zetec water manifold zetec rwd flywheel spigot bearing standard pinto clutch zetec alternator kit - black top zetec exhaust manifold, stainless steel zetec coil pack bracket zetec long ignition leads-black top alternator for zetec Griffin Power Systems, 7 LITTLE CROFT in Markington, Phone 01765 676665 with Driving directions, Services and Categories Griffin Power Systems, Markington, 7 LITTLE CROFT, Duratec, Omex, Ford Fiesta Zetec, Ford Performance, Duratec Tuning, Griffin had a dream that a zetec and type 9 box should fit fairly easily into the old hole under a moggy bonnet now iv taken out the front crossmember and replaced with a removable one same with the gearbox and i realise that to keep the type 9 box im goin to have to get a conversion kit to fit it under the steering rack all that stuff i can handle but iv never yet hed to play with ecu's or fuel New throttle body kit for Ford Zetec 2-litre from Dave at Retro Ford. No Tax   Note - Throttle linkages and air filters are not supplied with the throttle body kit. 0 silver top -05/98 OMEK001R No Tax, Each £1,785. Nissanboi Oct 14, 2019 at 11:08 PM. Have put an oscilloscope at the ECU end of the wiring and although getting a signal of sorts it is very noisy. THe main reason were that if it is a PATS immobiliser then this maybe built in or a separate ecu (all black wired). Ford Silvertop Zetec 1. Standard fitment is using the standard inlet system, but throttle body upgrades are also available. AIM has developed special applications for many of the  8 Zetec and an Omex 600 ECU and kit bought from Martin Griffith [YKC used to advertise this as a kit in &quot;Pitstop&quot;] and it works very well, no problems  . ZETEC COMPONENT KITS - CARBS The following Zetec engine kits are designed for customers who have sourced their own Ford Zetec engine and have a pair of 40/45DCOE carburettors. Forged internals Ported head Cosworth cams Simpson race manifold and exhaust Jenvey throttle bodies Omex ecu Last dyno @197 bhp Quaife close ratio box 4. 70 map. The Jenveys are great, OMEX have produced a plug and play Jenvey throttle body/ECU set up that works first time/everytime and passes an IVA test without major tinkering. Hereis the before, lots of joiners and bodged hoses: And now: Not one pipe joiner anywhere on the whole coolant system/set up, now it's all direct hoses and just one T-piece where it goes off from the lower rad hose to the heater matrix and header tank. The Mk3 Zetec lower rad hose and bypass pipe to the thermostat arrived today. Omex 600. Westfield. Well my mate just got an omex rev limiter on his puma speed ka and he can set his limiter to whatever he wants it's set at 7 thou so I know you can do that. Got a friend looking at putting a zetec in his 7. All these packages are based on brand new Zetec engines and use an Omex 600 ECU. Focus zetec 2. Ford Duratec 2. If the ECU is still a current issue i. Buy new Omex parts and systems here Hi guys after some advise. Available in two variations of length for both, K3 ECU and K6 ECU: * Short - for fitment of our ECU in engine bay. 2. The Zetec engine is available in 1. The ecu has a zetec turbo base map loaded onto it. The ECU is from Omex and is supposed to put the fan on, via a relay, at 90c and turn it off at 85. Available for 1-off installations, low volume manufacturers and race series. 0ltr Zetec or TTS can offer a complete turnkey package consisting of the mechanical supercharger kit coupled with an Omex 600 ecu,  Designed for fully sequential control of four cylinder engines, as well as forming an integral core to the range of ME221 based Plug-In ECUs, it's a feature packed   Gems Omex. Welcome to Jenvey Dynamics. 0 Milltek Decat. Includes an ME221 ECU with plug in wiring loom and base map. not featured please contact Omex as your requirements can almost certainly be met. 00/Euro824. Ford Focus Tuning – Links to Specialist Ford Focus Tuners in the UK offering performance upgrades, engine rebuilds and builds, repairs and servicing on the Ford… ECU REMAPPING BENEFITS FOR TURBOCHARGED DIESEL ENGINES. When this 1971 Opel GT rolled out of the factory it was powered by a 1078 cc (65. 1 www. Takes. 8 is the same engine fitted with different camshafts, and this engine can be found in the Fiesta RS1800i. Wire in link management ECUs, Plug in ECUs, accessories and much more. 6 - 1. Motorsport Fuel Injection Throttle Bodies, Throttle Body Kits and Induction Systems Delivered straight to your door. We carry a vast amount of jets for Weber & Dellorto carbs and we are able to map most types of after market engine management systems. This means the cams are run-in, throttle bodies (where applicable Like the Sigma series, Premier Power’s range of 2. I looked at this a while back Andy and could find no history of the Emerald ECU with a Porsche flat six. The Omex TB kit inc mapped ECU for 170bhp is £2598. 8 Focus etc so it should be possible. In fact, there’s now an almost set formula worked out by the various specialists and forums for the model — plus a few specific parts that will make the swap a bolt-in job amongst others aimed to make your life a lot easier — especially if you want a he's a life saver. my turbo blew up and so i decided to upgrade from the standard t28 to a gt3071r . hello, is anyone out in turbosport land running a zetec engine on omex ecu with plenum style intake system? im hoping someone can help me out with the fuel and ignition maps which my system is missing, i have all the other caliibrations just not the numbers for the tables. 6) specialist offering throttle body conversions (that avoid the alternator) as well as power packs/tuning packs and ECU upgrades and piggyback ECUs from OMEX. 0l 150bhp Zetec blacktop, Omex ECU and wiring loom. 00 Qty: Add to Cart Tuning the Zetec - Page 1 Last on March 28 2017 Zetec 2. Det som ingår är ECU, kabelhärva med kontakter , Lambda, Map sensor för turbo montage, pärm med all info från OMEX Technology. ECU will run the spark using the EDIS module. OMEX 600. In some cases, the original ECU in the vehicle is not able to be remapped or it doesnt offer the flexibility we need with a particular state of tune. Omex ECU & Engine Management For over a decade Omex Technology Systems have been designing, manufacturing and supplying quality electronic units mainly to the fast road and motorsport markets. 0 Zetec when I changed the engine 3 years ago and while it's working OK, I must say how expensive I found the whole thing. Was going to use this on my polo but going a different route now. Aftermarket / Stand Alone ECU Recalibration and Mapping service. INTRODUCTION. 0 zetec with omex ecu and stainless exhaust system Has only covered a few thousand miles No MOT required until 2018 I'll post more pics and details shortly if there is any interest Looking for £8000 OVNO (open to offers for a winter bargain) Cheers Zetec (Black Top) Engine Parts. Please note: You are welcome to collect this item from us, or we can deliver it to you. There is no need to replace your original Ford coil pack, crank sensor orplug leads although we can supply new ones should you wish. Simple installation and set up provides professional level customisation and features for clubman level competition. 0L inline-four was sourced from Raceline in a kit that cost more than $13,500, according to the accompanying build list. 2000 Westfield SEiW/ZEi 1. Ford Fiesta Eco Boost 1. Shawspeed are another Zetec tuning (1. 4. If you have the factory Coil Pack and Crank Sensor on your Zetec or ST170 Engine, and are using carbs for fueling, then this package is EVERYTHING you need to have it up and running in MINUTES! The innovative Nodiz Pro Ignition Management ECU. 0 L multi-valve engines introduced in 1991 because Ford was threatened with legal action by Lancia who owned the Zeta trademark. You will or may wish to add fan, fuel pump relays , lambda sensor, air temp and coolant temp sensors available seperately. 0L (Focus) Throttle Body Kit Ford Zetec 1. omex ecu zetec

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